Plywood Bed
     Al Bookshelf

     Copper Shade


     Blue Line




     Brass Bookshelf
     Brass Table III
     Brass Table I
     Brass Lamp XI

     Brass Lamp X

     Brass Lamp IX

     Brass Lamp VIII

     Brass Lamp VI

     Brass Lamp V

     Brass Lamp III

     Brass Lamp II

     Brass Lamp I


Raphael Kadid is a Switzerland based French designer and architect, specialising in the creation and design of lamps; the designs of which teeter between experimental artefacts and contemporary objects, redefining and re-examining the boundaries of the lamps themselves as household items.

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Pentre Ifan, Wales — Syd Mead, Singercar, 1964

Aluminum, E14 Led only

Edition of 20

Oblago is a table lamp made of five massive aluminum elements. The lamp is inspired by primitive architecture and neo-futurist concept art. Its design is the result of a research on ellipsoid geometries, shapes nearly impossible to achieve by hand, but where contemporary machining techniques have no difficulties. The columns are made by turning, whereas the body of the lamp is made by the carving of a single block of aluminum to its limits – at the tangent between inner and outer shell, only 1 mm wall thickness remains. To provide stability, the four massive columns are expanding their geometries outside the body's perimeter, allowing a wider ground contact. The arrangement of the columns and the lamp's proportions are purposely ambiguous. While the ratio between columns and body relates to the timeless architecture of the dolmens, their position refers to the figure of a trotting horse, bringing motion in the composition, and a certain sense of animality. The name Oblago is a homage to the american industrial designer Syd Mead, and his book Oblagon, published in 1996.

On display at Raphael Kadid Objects.