2020 – 2024

2016 2021
             Plywood Bed
             Al Bookshelf
             Copper Shade
             Blue Line

Brass Works
2013 2016
             Brass Bookshelf
             Brass Table III
             Brass Table I
             Brass Lamp XI
             Brass Lamp X
             Brass Lamp IX
             Brass Lamp VIII
             Brass Lamp VI
             Brass Lamp V
             Brass Lamp III
             Brass Lamp II
             Brass Lamp I


Raphael Kadid is a Switzerland based French designer and architect, specialising in the creation and design of lamps; the designs of which teeter between experimental artefacts and contemporary objects, redefining and re-examining the boundaries of the lamps themselves as household items.

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Black Oak or Brass

Black Oak, Shellac
Edition of 30
CHF 140.–
Polished Brass
Edition of 30
CHF 140.–
12mm Candle
CHF 3.–

Pirogue is a candle holder made of a single piece of oak. Its design is inspired by dugout canoes, the oldest type of man-made watercraft, dating back 8,000 years.
The precise carving of the piece provides an ideal balance of the weight of the object. When loaded with one candle, the object rotates and gradually return to its original position as the candle’s end is reached. If two candles are mounted, they balance each other, and the object remains horizontal, as would people standing on a boat. A long circular slit on the top of the holder allows the candle to rest horizontally when unused.
Shellac is an ancient coating technique made from the secretions of the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It imparts deep, warm reflections to the wood, similar to those of Japanese lacquer.

The candle holder can fit a maximum of 8-10 – 12mm candles.