2020 – 2024

2016 2021
             Plywood Bed
             Al Bookshelf
             Copper Shade
             Blue Line

Brass Works
2013 2016
             Brass Bookshelf
             Brass Table III
             Brass Table I
             Brass Lamp XI
             Brass Lamp X
             Brass Lamp IX
             Brass Lamp VIII
             Brass Lamp VI
             Brass Lamp V
             Brass Lamp III
             Brass Lamp II
             Brass Lamp I


Raphael Kadid is a Switzerland based French designer and architect, specialising in the creation and design of lamps; the designs of which teeter between experimental artefacts and contemporary objects, redefining and re-examining the boundaries of the lamps themselves as household items.

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SOM, American Republic Insurance Company, 1965, Ezra Stoller

Aluminium, MDF Panels

Set of 30 Raw Connectors & Stainless Steel Bolts CHF 1100.–
Price per Connector CHF 35.–

Philae is a modular bookshelf system made of cnc aluminium connectors and mdf panels. The structure works by triangulation–involving the use of triangular shapes to ensure stability and resistance to bending moments. The resulting inclination of the vertical panels enables books to safely stand with a 5° angle, avoiding the use of bookends.
The bookshelf is assembled-disassembled in standing position via M5 bolts, the main 16mm panels are free from any machining prior to assembly.
The name Philae stands as a reference to the Egyptian island Philae and its temple complex, and the lander Philae of the Rosetta spacecraft. The bookshelf embodies the correlation between timeless architecture and contemporary technologies.